Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Wrong Spirit - Twisted Short Story 3

As soon as she was old enough to speak, my daughter, Amelia, professed I wasn't her mother.

Cover photo courtesy of La Tarte au Citron , entitled ‘Cerisedolls Manon for Velkane.’

Coma - Twisted Short Story 2

When Hal awoke from his coma, he remembered nothing past the age of seventeen, not even his wife.

Cover photo courtesy of Lwp Kommunikáció. Entitled:Halálos bűnök (3. évad).’ Jared Enander in critical condition for weeks at the hospital.

My Twin Triplets - Twisted Short Story 1

2050 A.D.
Triplets is what I'd ordered, each my own genetic twin, harvested in an artificial womb. It was the only safe way to reproduce, after the chemical fires of 42-43 that ravaged the globe.
Three daughters, to replace the family who'd betrayed me. And to love me, when all I knew from my husband was horror.

Cover photo courtesy of Markun K, entitled: ‘Sisters – prototype.’

20 short stories in a year

Hi there,

My name is Chantal and I'm a wife, mother, pharmacist and spiritualist. I've got all these stories floating around in my head, and this year I decided to get serious. I'm going to write 20 short stories by the end of 2015!
I'm just started on number 6, so not doing too badly so far.
All my stuff is on for $1.22 (American $1)
My next few blogs will be exerts from the stories I've already put on
Please feel free to comment, good and bad!